October 10, 2015

Rusty Bottoms Barren

15 thoughts on “Rusty Bottoms Barren

  • Why does your LowPop server crash so many times a day? I can understand a daily reboot, but last night it at least crashed 6 times. Can you fix this? Very annoying for everyone to keep getting dumped. Maybe this is how you are keeping it a Low Pop server? Because I can say as annoying as it is for it to repetitively crash like this, less people would want to stay on it.

  • I am looking into putting this server on a dedicated system. That would alleviate that problemand make it a lot less laggy. I’m just waiting until I have enough donations.

  • Hello had a little problem today on low pop. My clan mate could not /sethome in the clan base. just hoping you were aware. or if maybe I missed a step. We are friends and he accepted my clan invite, and has build priv. so not sure whats going on with it. also he was typing in /sethome main Anywho see you later. message me on steam if you have questions or have an answer. Also I will check back in a day or two. thx

  • Oh also i would do the VIP+ but I don’t Like to do monthly charges. let me know if there is an option for a onetime charge for like 30 days of VIP+.
    P.S. the Main reason I donate is to keep servers going. tired of my Fav Servers dropping away completely after a few weeks. But just a suggestion. You may consider sweetening the deal a bit cause the materials are quantities I got after 30 min to an hour of gathering. quarry or pump jack bps or maybe like a backpack bp for expanded inventory (that was a big hit on another mod server I played on) things that are rare or impossible to get without donating. Nothing so unbalanced that it would destabilize the server but enough to generate more funds for server support.

    • Disregard ^^ My wife plays. She commented with my steam account :(. She got a little mixed up. The backpack was a mod not a Bp (no such Item in rust that I know of so far). Delete all my comments if you please and WE will be sure to use the contact us page for future questions like these… thx

  • Hello, I been playing on rusty bottoms for about two weeks now with my friend and made a friendly alliance group. Well, there was these two people (SMS) who was going around killing others which is part of the game. Well, we decided to raid them. We got to there base which is a cave base somewhat next to a river. We was about to breach the door with c4 when one of the guys spoke and said I will shoot you through this wall if you don’t leave. I told him he cannot since there is no Windows and all the doors are shut. Next thing you know I get head shit and almost killed me. My friend and I and our alliance would like this to be resolved if possible and would like to continue playing on this server. If this does not get resolved then I do apologize and will choose a different server.

    Thank you!

  • There are a lot of hackers on the server that don’t get banned.
    Not sure what the point is playing a game capable of procedurally generating endless unique maps if you’re just gonna play the same one over and over again. Can you change the map? The monument locations are just terrible.

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