not playing anymore

playing on his server was fun until a group of people made it their mission to drive my group out, they griefed one of our bases with high external wood walls so we moved across the map to another spot. now apparently since we didn't rage quit they decided to roam the entire map looking for us. since the server went down last night we couldn't play and when we got online this morning our base was totally griefed by the same group wants us out of the server. I really enjoyed playing on your server but if people like this are all that are on there, sadly i'm out and so is my group.


  • Yea so while i understand that's it's rust and shit happenes. These guys are going above and beyond the call of duty in being dicks. The server pop is already so low that unless u guys are deciding to drop the server keeping these guys on will kill it
  • He'll people on larger pop mains aren't even this douche most of the time
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